Da Vinci Outdoor Living

Myself and my wife would personally like to

thank Troy and his dedicated team at

Da Vinci Outdoor Living.

The whole process from providing design, consultations and then building our landscape

was exceptional. Our 60 sq mtr house in

Botanic Ridge now feels like home.

With form and function our landscape

compliments the house perfectly.

Thanks Steven and Maddie D.






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What Clients Say About Us

Steven D. Botanic Ridge

coming soon-

  • Greenwall design and manufacturing
  • Corporate/commercial Greenwalls
  • Residential Greenwalls
  • Portable Greenwall hire
  • Greenwall wholesale plant nursery
  • Structural landscaping
  • Swimming pools
  • Landscape architecture 

Come in!

Choosing a landscape designer and landscape builder in Melbourne can be scary, we know. Relax. 

Da Vinci Outdoor Living  has the experience, vision and style to bring your VISION to life – on schedule and on budget. 

Good design and construction practices bring continuity, function, and beauty to our everyday living environment.

From corporate greenwalls, portable hire

through to design 


The team at Da Vinci Outdoor living and Modula' Greenwalls  can transform any space into a Living space!

Troy Danns, owner of Da Vinci Outdoor Living and Modula' Greenwalls has been in the horticultural and landscape industry for 20 years. 

Our Team

Landscaping Greenwalls Design and Construction