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Artificial rock in its simplest form is a hand formed concrete base with an additive modified sand cement top coat. Several layers of colour hardener and liquid stain then finally sealed.

There are two main types of artificial rock construction -

Rock over rubble  and steel frame

A basic shape is formed either in the earth or with bits of broken bricks and concrete. Or alternatively a steel frame is fabricated onsite.

A layer of either concrete or additive modified base is applied dependent on which method is employed.

On top of the newly formed  base a binding agent or primer is applied.

Next an additive modified sand cement mix is applied by hand or a splatter gun.

Several layers of 'base colour hardener' are applied and then the final carving by hand can begin. Once the desired forms and shapes are achieved several more layers of colour hardener are applied. the small details are now pressed or cut into the newly formed rock.

Once set topcoat liquid stains are applied aswell as a UV stable sealer/binder.

Artificial Rock

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